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Your mental health will be kept in complete confidence

You can trust that all information you share with me will be kept private and used for the best treatment of your situation.


To you and your family:

I am excited about the opportunity to provide care for your mental and emotional health needs. I understand that the decision to seek psychiatric care is frequently not an easy decision to make. I appreciate the confidence that you are placing in me and will work to continue to deserve your trust.

I am the only clinician in my practice. My intention is to assure patients of the utmost privacy and confidentiality in this practice setting. For this reason I practice without secretarial support in the office on a day to day basis.

I answer all phone calls personally. The phone is answered by voice mail when I am with a patient or away from the office. This arrangement greatly enhances privacy, but also has some disadvantages. Practices with office support staff are often able to answer many questions or can relay questions to the psychiatrist and call patients back with answers more quickly than I will be able to accomplish by myself. Similarly, I personally prepare all correspondence regarding your care. Again, my purpose in this is to increase your confidence that personal information will always be able to be kept completely private.

In previous practice settings I was a member of many insurance company provider panels. In this practice I do not file insurance claims and am not a member of insurance provider panels. Without secretarial support staff, I simply cannot keep up with the continuous phone calls and paper communication demands of the managed care companies.

Furthermore, I am concerned about the amount of information that must be shared with the insurance companies in order for them to approve reimbursement. While patients always sign permission for insurance claims to be processed, I am not sure that everyone understands how much information some insurance companies insist be provided before they approve payment for mental healthcare services.

In my practice, patient’s who chose to utilize insurance for reimbursement will have to take a more active role in this process. I believe this will be beneficial in that you will have full knowledge of exactly what information is shared with your insurance company and of the demands they make before paying claims for your medical care. I also understand that this can be a time consuming process and that not every person will want to receive care in a practice that is structured in this manner.

In the link below, I have outlined some of the most important aspects of my practice that I would like for you to consider. If you have any questions, please be sure to let me know. Click here to go to our policies of our practice.


Mark D. Helm, M.D.


Psychiatrist | Lakeland, FL | Mark D Helm M D P L | 863-683-2600

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